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Masjid Ghousia Services; 


Dream interpretations;

Dream interpretation is very complicated and pivotal subject which should only be interpreted by Scholars and especially such able people who knows it properly as said and written by Ulama. Alhamdulillah, this section is viewed by our Imam. Whoever wants to discuss their dreams, please do not hesitate to contact our Imam at given numbers between the hours of 11:30AM till 08:00PM.

Nikah Facility;

We have facility at our Masjid as well. But as decided by our committee, we always ask for IDs (Copy of Driving licence, Copy of passport or copy of any such document which contains picture and name) of witnesses and husband & wife. We also issue a certificate after Nikah ceremony. There is also a Nikah fee but for appointment of Nikah ceremony or any other question ring us at given numbers at home page.


We also guide about divorce and certificate of it. For more information contact us at given number.

Funeral Service;

We have formed a burial committee which works under committee of Masjid. For membership of death committee and for funeral service kindly contact us at given number.

Study circle;

We have study circle at daily basis for girls and boys. We have also weekend classes at Masjid. For more information contact us at given number.

From the beginning of Masjid. Our committee and community always try to build a good relationship with other faith groups. We often organise different programs in respect of interfaith gatherings. In picture gallery you can see different pictures of such events. For more information contact us at given number.

Youth Programs;

We organise youth program at monthly basis at different dates month wise, where guest scholars deliver speech regarding decided topics. For more information contact us at given number.

Weekly Dars e Quran;

We organise every Saturday Dars e Quran by our respected Imam. Where he does Tafseer of Quran and discusses all relevant topics as per Quran and Sunnah. At the end of Dars e Quran he organises adult class for reading Quran as per Tajveed o Qirat. For more information contact us at given number.

Weekly Halqa e Darood;

At every Thursday we organise Darood Shareef Mehfil, we do recitation of Quran, Nasheed and circle of darood shareef. For more information contact us at given number. 


Monthly and Annual Mehfil;

We organise different program at monthly and annual basis like annual Mehfil of Mawlid un Nabi (SAW). For detail contact us at given numbers.

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